Thursday, February 4, 2016

Chaos Grand Alliance list selections

I thought I would share some insight into the selection of units I did in my list. While a lot of the reasons I chose these units is the Rule of Cool because I do really dig and want to paint them. But enough of that.

First up on the list is the Lord of Chaos, while I have been dying to paint the latest plastic mini since it came out which is a great reason to add him. He recently got a really outstanding update in the grand alliance list. If he defeats an enemy general he can choose to transform into a full strength Daemon Prince; this is a great option if he has been severely wounded. Also if he is slain in combat with the enemy general he can be replaced with a full health spawn. Next up is that if he is marked by chaos he can share his marks ability with a unit with the same mark in his army.

Up next the pair of Chaos Sorcerers, these to me are an obvious choice for any chaos general. Their buffing a spell casting abilities are fantastic. The reason I took a pair is because of the Shaggoth, they automatically know the summon lightning spell that can be cast on him to heal D3 wounds on the beastie, which can keep him at full fighting capacity longer in the game.

The Bloodsecrator this guy is my insurance policy while I learn how the chaos units function. I will be making liberal use of the Mark of Khorne in the list, because when he plants his Portal of Skulls the immunity to Battleshock is a huge buff to the army. In addition all Khorne marked units also gain an extra attack, yes please!

Dragon Ogor Shaggoth, what can I say, he is one of 2 completely Rule of Cool models in this list. That is not saying he is not good in the game, especially when combined with the Chaos Sorecerers, but there are better monsters at the same pool choices. Bottom line is that I love the model and he is in as well as a Unit of the plastic Dragon Ogors when I pick em up.

Now on to the meat of the list, the unit Warscrolls:

Chaos Knights, what can I say I like Chaos Knights, I’ve got a unit of 6th ed ones I have been needing to finish for 10 years. While on the tabletop they lack the punch of having rend, the 5 knights put out 18 freaking attacks on a small frontage. I can live with forcing saves for possible failures. Besides they are the first of my fast units for objective claiming.

Blood Warriors, I love these models having 15 of them in a unit makes em really resilient. I armed this first batch with dual Bloodaxes for the rerolls of 1 to hit, I figure without rend the more hits the better. It also great that they get to pile in and attack in melee if slain, these guys are great. I will make a second unit eventually with the Gorefists and their mortal wound potential, but for now it’s about offence.

Chaos Warriors with hand weapons and shields, these guys are my resilient objective holder with 15 of them and their ability to shrug off mortal wounds on a 5 or 6. Besides I don’t care how static people think they are I think they have the look of a unit on a determined advance, not caring one bit about what the enemy throws at them.

Next up we have 2 units of shield toting javelin throwing Marauder horsemen, they serve a few purposes in the army first and foremost they can move relatively fast with multi-wounds and are good objective grabbers late in the game. Secondly they are there for shooting support of the Knights and Chariots on each flank. Bonus is that they can shoot and Charge even if they retreated the same turn, this makes em more flexible in my book.

Chaos Chariots, I am building and using these for a few reasons. First off I have 4 of the old metal chariots and I figure what better way to show the difference between normal Chariots and Gorebeast Chariots other than just the draft animal. Secondly I have some great conversion ideas for the crews of these old metal models see above pic. Finally while they may not seem like a fast unit at first their “Don’t spare the Lash” rule adds a D6 to their movement every turn giving them a possible 14 inch move with an average of around 11 inches.

Finally we have the Chaos Gargant, I have the old Grenadier miniatures Chaos Giant I have had since the 80 and is screaming for a repaint, since my motto is “Making old miniatures new for Age of Sigmar” he’s just gotta be in here. Besides he is a freaking Giant and they start off with a large damage output and that cannot be a bad thing at all!

Well there you have it, a glimpse into this mad old wargamers head as to why I chose the units I did for my initial Chaos list.

Until next time, may your dice roll sixes!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Chaos Grand Alliance hobby project

Hey guys and gals,

My current Age of Sigmar army project is a Grand Alliance list for Chaos. This will be my first completely Age of Sigmar army built for the game specifically. I will be using a few rebased older models that I had never finished but everything else is being built out of my huge stockpile of Chaos miniatures.

This is the test model for the Blood Warriors that fight for my Lord of Chaos. I prefer to do nonstandard paint schemes on the models to make them uniquely my own.

Here is the list of models I will be doing for 20 UK Independent Pool Choices from the Clash Comp set.

Lord of Chaos
PC: 1

Sorcerer Lord on horse
PC: 1

Sorcerer Lord
PC: 1

PC: 1

PC: 2.5

5 Chaos Knights
PC: 2

15 Chaos Warriors
PC: 3

15 Blood Warriors
PC: 3

5 Marauder Horsemen w/Javelins
PC: 1

5 Marauder Horsemen w/Javelins
PC: 1

2 Chaos Chariots
PC: 2

Chaos Gargant
PC: 1.5

Now these may not be the most competitive choices but they are all models I have been dying to finish or build and paint; besides the liberal use of the mark of Khorne combined with the Bloodsecrator will give me time to figure out the units! The Gargant is an ancient Grenadier model Chaos giant that I am chomping at the bit to repaint!

Some pics of some of the models that will be worked on for this project:

Chaos Giant
Sorcerer I have had in the blister pack for 10 years finally getting some paint

Sorcerer to be refurbished for AoS

In a later post I will post up some background story for my Lord of Chaos and his warband. Also there will be tons more models in this army but we all have to pick a starting point!

Until next time may your dice roll hot!